Re: Subscription E-mails have stopped

Not quite sure what's going on, but about 30 hours ago was the last time I received an e-mail notification regarding any fictions I'm subscribed to.  Lots of the fictions I'm subscribed to have released chapters in that time, but no e-mails.  These aren't new subscriptions; I've been receiving e-mails for them for a long time.  

I can't see anything regarding my e-mail account itself that would be blocking these; no new rules; they're not going to spam, they're not in trash.  

I haven't messed with anything regarding the site configuration in that time; just reading content...

Any ideas what might be causing this?  I'm stumped and a little frustrated that I don't know when new chapters come out...

Thanks in advance!

Re: Subscription E-mails have stopped

kanadaj Wrote:
Soncikuro Wrote: My case is similar, the emails are going directly to the spam folder.

What we can do about that is very limited. I believe it will fix itself over time if you keep moving emails into your inbox from the spam folder, or if you add [email protected] to your contacts.

I'll try adding it to my contacts, since moving the emails hasn't worked after almost two weeks. Thanks.
EDIT: it worked, thanks!