Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

I have a fair degree of interest in cover design, a moderate amount of skill at digital art, hardly any time, and more ambition than you can shake a spoon at.

So! If anyone has a poor coverless story, please consider letting me create a new set of clothing for it. Images will be 400x600 for RR by default, but if you need it in a different aspect ratio let me know and I can make it differently shaped.

My style tends to be mostly photomanipulation, with a bit of 3d and overpainting; or abstract with a high emphasis on text. For simplification, we'll call them 'semirealism' and 'abstract'. For examples of my work, check out this Folder. I'll be posting covers here as I finish them.

NOTE: I cannot draw. I cannot do anime or cartoon style. I can manipulate photos and 3d renders, work with text and colour. I do have access to a fairly extensive library of 3d assets, so I can *probably* create a character who looks at least vaguely similar to what you want. I can perform actions on said image, such as greyscale or screentone, but it'll never look properly hand-drawn. It's easiest to do landscapes and humanoid characters. I can do space scenes with stars and planets, but not ships. I only work with public domain or otherwise free photos, specific 3d resources, and my limited personal artistic ability, so the more detailed an object description the less likely I can pull it off.
['A sword' I can do. 'A glowing blue sword' is probably possible. 'A glowing blue and white damascus-steel greatsword with the word FATE engraved on its blade and a sapphire adorning its leather-wrapped hilt' not so much. Same thing with animals; 'a horse' or 'a dragon' is doable; specific or very detailed creatures would be a bit trickier to find.]

If you understand and accept the risks involved, fill out this handy form and post it in a comment below. Please replace my notes with your own responses, or things will look incredibly untidy and I'll be annoyed. Things mustn't be untidy, you see, in this thread if nowhere else.

Name of book
Desired cover style: [semirealism, abstract, or no preference]
Genre: i.e. fantasy; contemporary romance; space exploration, etc
Imagery: i.e. medieval farmlands; modern city; magical forest; etc
Tone of book: i.e. fast-paced; comedic; slice-of-life; etc

Character(s): [if you want any character(s) on the cover, describe them here.]
Character reference image(s): [optional]

Font style: [optional] i.e. blocky, handwritten, celtic, futuristic, old-fashioned, etc
Colour(s):  [optional] if you have a preferred dominant colour/tone for the cover, list it here
Layout: [optional] if you have a more specific idea of how you want things set up

I can't promise to do a cover for every story that requests, unless I get very few requests. I have limited time, and will pick those which inspire my creativity or those which I feel most capable of doing well.  I'd love to make a cover for everyone on the site, but that would take rather a long time and I do have other obligations as well. ;) Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

Name of book: Constellation
Author: FortySixtyFour
Desired cover style: Minimalist
Genre: VRMMO, Sci-Fi, LitRPG, Fantasy
Imagery: Starfield in black blue and purple, simple text.
Tone of book: Drama, Fantasy

Character(s): None
Character reference image(s): None

Font style: Stylized modern / futuristic, something like Alcova CC?
Colour(s):  Blue, purple, black.
Layout: Title at top, "by FortySixtyFour" directly beneath in smaller font.

Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

I’ve been procrastinating too much on making my own cover so this might be fun instead.

Name of book: Dreams of Ones Forlorn (because DoOF)
Author: Endless Paving
Desired cover style: slightly surreal, modern
Genre: Urban fantasy/System Apocalypse/GameLit/I don’t know
Imagery: city held inside a snowglobe held precariously in a hand over a starry background.
Tone of book: That Blade Runner tone with the slow sci-fi tension

Character(s): none
Character reference image(s): just because:

Font style: Blocky angular ones might workColour(s): colder colours overall, warmer highlights
Layout: Image across the centre and up, the book title at the bottom. The acronym is acceptable

Re: Amateur cover artist looking for victims

Oh this is nice. May I also request for one?

Name of book: Seven In One Blow: The little tailor story
Author: Pandragon
Desired cover style: something like a table with tailoring stuff
Genre: i.e. fantasy; 
Imagery:  medieval farmlands; modern city; magical forest; something along these
Tone of book: comedic; 

Character(s): welp it'd be nice to have characters... the story is here
Character reference image(s):  something like this

Font style:  celtic
Colour(s):  something that gives a faint warm feeling? :D