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I have a few questions about the RoyalRoad analytics is anyone understands them better than myself it'd be appreciated if you could explain them a little to me ..

Chapter                   Views User       Retention %      # of Members        % of Members
19. Complications     177                  99.44%            8                          3.23%
20. Stalking             154                  87.01%            1                           0.4%
21. Prey                  143                  92.86%            9                          3.63%
22. Rescue              149                  100%  4.20%        19                         7.66%

These are all 'real' stats taken from my book 'Feral'. What is confusing me is how they work in the real world - ie. Does the low retention percentage on 'Stalking' mean that more people didn't read on past that chapter (ie. its retention onto the next one is low) or does it refer to the prior chapter not being appealing?

I'm presuming it refers to the previous chapter? - reasoning being both my books have a 100% figure for chapter one which seems like a 'default' as it someone has 'landed' there and there is no prior chapter.

This would mean I should look at Complications as being the weaker chapter to revise rather than Stalking ... trying to make sure I bark up the correct trees with regards to where I'm looking to improve.

(I'm also confused as to why some later chapters suddenly have more readers than prior ones - is this common with other writers and is so any idea why? ... I'm presuming people just clicking on an update out of random interest?)

Re: Analytics - Help

These variances are minuscule and cannot be used to derive conclusions from. Drop of is normal, even relatively large drop off. Also consider that if you return to a chapter 15 or so minutes after your first session your view is counted as a new view. The analytics are what they are at face value and there os little to be misunderstood, but trying to make assumptions from the data at this stage is pointless. You should also consider the influence of user “churn”, you should be “constantly” gaining new followers and losing old ones, not as severely as other mediums that take less investment but some.

A conclusive trend might only become verifiable if you have a large amount of ACTIVE readers or over longer periods of time. I’d advise not looking at your analytics whatsoever except out of possible morbid curiosity. Early trends also might not be effective indicators of longer term success. You’d have more success engaging with the comment section and watching for interesting opinions from individual readers, even if you don’t get many comments at all. Analytics might even be distracting you from more important activities and causing unnecessary anxiety. It’s all fine. A book with a decent amount of chapters could continue growing weeks or potentially months even after it has STOPPED updating and that’s not even if it’s a good one. Those stats are nothing to be concerned over at this stage.

You’ve got over twenty chapters already, you’re doing well.

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In the MyFictions section of your profile or on any of your own fictions you can find your way to the Dashboard of any specific one of your fictions. The Chapters tab has some stats for specific chapters like word count and view count, while the Stats tab mostly focuses on ratings across a graph and stuff. More analytics are available through Author Premium subscriptions that are also snazzier looking as well as being more useful as far as I have been aware. More than that you can just throw the data into a spreadsheet and do some math like OP above having calculated a indicator for “Retention Rate” and the like.

Though, depending on how adapt you are at using statistics, they aren’t really useful as information just by looking at them- a lot of the time at least; and stats can be misleading at times without the correct analysis, interpretation, or context.

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Nole Wrote: This would mean I should look at Complications as being the weaker chapter to revise rather than Stalking ... trying to make sure I bark up the correct trees with regards to where I'm looking to improve.

Just to chime in with my two cents, I wouldn't worry too much about retention unless you have a chapter in the middle of the work somewhere that is at sub-70%. That's where I would start to worry that I had done something that was leading to a lot of rage quitting.

I wouldn't use retention to find "weaker" and "stronger" chapters or fine tune anything. It's more of a tool that tells you that you've accidentally implied that NTR is going to happen (or you've pushed some equivalent rage button).

If you're seeing a low number early on then it might mean your summary is pulling people into your work who don't like it, so they're giving you a few chapters and then giving up. Usually problems like this will also bubble up in comments and reviews.