Re: Any dragon writers?

I don't know that I'm a fan of dragon-oly stories, but I do enjoy a good draconid here and there, for flavour.

Most important thing I can think of for including dragons is setting. I wouldn't put an Asian lung in a Western European or Mesoamerican setting, for example, if I were to write a story.

Additionally, I appreciate authors who return to some of the roots of dragon narratives when writing dragons into their stories, instead of recycling much of the post-Tolkien - no, that's being too generous - post-D&D tropes. After all, Tolkien drew his inspiration for Smaug and Angalagon the Black from Germanic and Old English stories, like Sigurd and Fafnir, and Gygax drew his inspiration for dragons from the various authors that were inspired by Tolkien.

Many modern-day depictions of dragons are terribly Flanderised and watered down. I would love to see someone gain tough skin from bathing in the blood of a dragon (bonus points if they missed a spot and that location brings about their downfall, a la Sigurd) or gain the ability to understand the speech of birds from eating its heart (Also Sigurd). Where are the magnificent, terrible beasts, grown cunning with age? Where are the lovers of riddles, the cursed hoards, the arrogance leading to downfall? Where is the analogy to the human condition, that greed makes monsters of even the best of us?