Re: A story I read

I remember reading the story at a blog site but it might have been on royalroadl as well.
I remember the MC was a prince or the equivalent in a tribe of nonhumans and as the story proceeded he eventually married five of the girls in the tribe or kingdom which all had anthropomorphic features (one of them was a fox that had bdsm fetish I think). I also think the MC had dragon characteristics, though I might be wrong. Also the harem didn't get along perfectly iirc, and there was a thing where the fox girl had tried to cause some trouble (maybe after being swayed by someone).
If it helps I remember the author had another story (and a really fucked up one at that) on the blog about a grey goblin that was born after his mother (a angel princess I think) was raped by goblins and kept for purposes... and when he grew up (quite quickly I think) they eventually fell in love with each other unknowingly and then she was raped again and killed by another goblin (I only remember it because how fucked up it was).