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I am searching far and wide for tech uplift stories where the MC introduces basic concepts like white-ish paper, basic gunpowder, soap or even pastries from earth/his realm.
Kingdom/merchant empire building goes often hand in hand with this one, so weapons like the english longbow or muskets are often invented too.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I think I already read every uplift story on this site so other sources are appreciated but I welcome any and all 'cause often I read them years ago and a re-read is in order.

Re: Technological Uplift Stories

Why would white-ish paper be technological uplift? The medieval way of making paper without trees make quite nice paper. Not bright white, but a nice tone for reading. The only reason to make white paper is that when using trees to make paper the cheap paper is less white, so people think less white means cheaper (before that darker papers were more costly thus deemed better). And if making recycled paper from badly sorted waste paper. None of this should be an issue unless the world to be uplifted in stuck in the last century of our world.

Re: Technological Uplift Stories

Jose Ricardo Passos Wrote: The best one of those that I've read is Release that Witch. While it has its fantasy elements, it reaches a very good balance between those and technology. The MC is an engineer, so his only superpower is being smart.

God dang it, I wanted to recommend it :(

It's as Ricardo says it's one of the best ones, probably the best one IMO, it has 1500 chapters (I think it's finished now).

The MC gets transported in a world with magic, but only females can do magic aka Witches.
The MC has no powers and uses his ingenuity to uplift the world. I won't spoil but it has everything you'll want and more.
It's also probably scientifically accurate when it comes to creating stuff (don't quote me on that, I'm not a chemist).