Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?

I want to include drug use in my story, but don't want to break any terms and conditions.  It certainly won't be glamorized, just painted in the most honest light I can manage from my own experiences.  I have all the mature content boxes checked, thinking about it as a license to do whatever I want, but wasn't sure if this was going too far?

I don't want to encourage it nor discourage it, just tell it how it is and what it can become.  I've read a few stories on here with fictional drug references, but never with real-world ones.  I'd like to include both fictional and real drug use, but it would be a real shame to commit to that, only to have it flagged and have to go back and re-write everything.

Does anybody know if this is acceptable content?

Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?


Wrote: Drugs are fine. Most topics are acceptable to write about on RR, the only major restrictions being illegal/disturbing sexual content like pedophilia, bestiality, etc. Otherwise, as long as it is appropriately tagged, I think you're good to go.

There's a good forum post about what is allowed here, and you can check out the rules on explicit content in the FAQ.


Thanks! The definitions weren't specific enough for me to feel comfortable writing a story centered around drug abuse.  In my mind, an MC spending his days toasted and frying his body into oblivion to cope with a bizarre world is the only way an isekai characterization makes a lick of sense.

Edit: I give up on the quote blocks.