Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

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Hey, been reading here 2 years. just signed up when i found out about the bookmark system.  Dying to write, lots of ideas, no structure to my thoughts.  Ridiculous levels of hesitation, such that this post took 2 hours to write.  I'm verbose verbally but can not connect things as well when written, a zen2 i7 normally vs old Atari.  Just thinking about writing on a page degrades my clear thoughts to viscous honey.

I'm looking for; encouragement in the form of people who have overcome similar problems

                        tips and advice about getting past a life long writing difficultly( i can write well enough, just takes me unreasonably long)

                        the first steps in creating a writing structure in ones mind( likely missing some obvious stuff and working way too hard for too little)

Any assistance with be graciously appreciated.  

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

then i'll write lol   its sad how often we think the solution to our problems is unique
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Jack was a loser.   without connection to goals, people or any kind of meaning full success.  lost between mastering escapism and self-destruction.

I russal awake as the FTL distortion peak during our re-entry to normal space, my stomach lurching.  the feeling not unlike driving over the peak of a steep hill very fast only much worse, at least for me.  I look, as my vision clears, at only other occupant in this small cramped bridge.  LT Cassy glaring back and up from the forward pilot seat repeats herself again, only abit more irately.


I sit forward , clarity entering my mind.   dancing across the display on the chair arm where symbols denoting ship status and nav telemetries. Rayna System.. not where i wanted to be, also a few red flashing bits showing damage somewhere on the left side, this display was less then specific. something must have hit us i thought grimly.  bloody cheap deflector.
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Im being attacked by something small, cute and vicious!!
but thats not how the day started...

up crack of dawn, gear all prepared, dressed, loaded and off!
I've been planning this three day hike for the last 2 weeks,  carefully dehydrating each nights leftovers, agonizing over every ounce i bring.
the idea of this trip was to be like the torrent of youtubers touting the glories  of bush-craft.  tho setting it for super late fall was probaly a bad idea..

6 hours into the virgin wilderness the snow starts to fly.

i was stubborn to spend at least one night out so took out my compass and started orientating. at least ill be able to get back to this spot.  100 steps in i stop and pull out my pen and pencil and quickly recorded direction and distance. made a marker with sticks in the trees, so i can find them if the snow gets deep. repeating this every 100 to 200 steps or wherever a good marker could be made. After a few more hours i stop to build camp.

A shelter worthy of this weather will take some work. taking off my pack i started roaming for the beginnings of such a structure.  soon i come upon a fallen evergreen, what i find!   "this will be half of my shelter already built!" i exclaim, a wide grin streching across my face. i rush to start clearing branches, planning add them to the sides. as i reach in to clear the tangle of bows and underbrush pain strikes my hand. yanking my hand back i see a small creature gnawing my finger. a techno-colour.. no wait.. a shifting techno-colour? fox squiral?!?  this wonder of pain and confusion tranced me and i reached out to touch it.  lunging for its new target my trance brakes and i instinctively twist andslam the ball of fur into the tree stump behind me
A loud "ding!"  rings through my mind..  a blue window sprouts into my vision...


                      "You have defeated a 'Tricky Flomey'"
                                  "you receive 50 exp"

                      "unregistered dimensional user found"
                                    "new user registered!"
              "all new user please refer to the provided manual"

with soft pop to my left,  a leather bound book falls to the snow
timestamp 4:09

what you think????

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.


here's the thing. not being able to write as well as we hope isn't a disability. it means you need practice. I don't know of anyone who wrote a masterpiece on their first try. it's usually a bunch of garbage you yourself would laugh at if you wrote it just two or three months back. the first piece won't be good, neither would be the second nor the third and as you continue your writing journey, you'll find every piece you did before the current one sucks. that's a good thing. that means you're improving.

I've heard of people with real disability in writing or reading, people with dyslexia or blindness trying hard to fulfil their dreams of being a writer. it takes them an unimaginably long time to write down a paragraph. and what they write down would perhaps top the very worst fan-fiction you've ever read. still, they push through for maybe years at a time to just finish their first piece of writing. and as I mentioned before, more than ninety-nine per cent of first time writing goes down the garbage bin. the unrecyclable one. and that doesn't daunt them. they don't stop trying until they succeed. if you really have such a disability and find writing too daunting, as you've mentioned you've got good verbal skills, you can try a word to text software. many disabled people use that.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. I went in completely blank from the first day with only a vague idea about the story. I'm pulling about two thousand words a day and right now I'm about twenty-eight thousand words in. I don't have any idea where the story is heading or what the ending is going to be, or if I'll be able to even finish the story, like, ever. I only know I'm writing a novel with terrible quality. I care about it, always wanting to go back and revise the writing, improve the story. but I know I can't do that regardless of how nauseating the writing is, at least, not until the end of this month. and I also know if meteor doesn't fall on my computer and I'm still alive by the end of the month, I'll finish those fifty thousand words.

my advice, like many others, is for you to write as much as you can without caring about the quality. at least at the start. don't think you have to know the ending, or structure, or anything really. plenty of published authors don't. they learn as they go. don't worry about short or long story. going from small to big, that's not how writing works. it works differently for everyone, some write good short stories but are terrible novelists and vice versa, some are good at both. writing doesn't improve by length but by quality. it works by going from bad to good.

also read as much as you can. read critically, analyzing every word in a book. that would give you critical skill to analyze and improve your own writing by miles. and while doing all this, write. write a sub-per first draft with your terrible writing. then go back and revise it. nine to ten times would do. remember not to overdo it.

remember, an idea in your head but not on pages is an idea wasted.

BTW. I think I'm a little blunt and if I hurt your feelings, sorry. but don't stop trying.


Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

You mean like a learning disability?

I mean, if you have one, it isn't so much as beating it. You cope with and make strategies that get you what you want. Beating, well that's a very strong word. I can't minimize dyslexia to the point it's not even there. That it's beaten down and will never rear it's ugly head again. No, it's always there. The most on can do is become aware of what kinds of mistakes they make and then finding the ones they can actually fix and use tools to do it. Aside from that practice. You still need to practice. A lot of practice.

And to be honest, starting out, you want to put as little pressure on yourself as possible. Learn to just sit down and write. Learn to enjoy writing. Do this as many times as you want. Write whatever you and don't worry about sharing. Sharing writing puts an entirely different kind of pressure. Some find it rather helpful. Personally, it tears up my work flow. I rather share when necessary and not everything I write. You should see my computer folders.

Then after you get comfortable with just writing, I would start looking at resources to help you write better. The reason I didn't say do this before because it's easy to be like, "I can't write well, so I'm going to wait until I'm ready and write after I've learned all I can." Writing doesn't work like that. It's a skill that required you to do it and not just wait around until you learn. You learn how to write by writing.

And if you have issues with organization, here's the simplest way to learn story structure. Have a beginning, have a middle, and have an end. That is three act structure at the simplest. Beginning, middle, and end. That is how I learned to write. Learning all the structure parts honestly gets in the way and makes something confusing that shouldn't be. Yeah certain learn what an inciting incident, climax, and rising action and all that stuff means. However, just to get your muscle to work, no.

The second and probably most important thing to do is read. And I have to say less on online stories and more published works. Preferably the same genre you are writing or get as close to it as you can. The thing is when you learning, you want to have good examples. Reading things online from a bunch of unpolished writing makes you more prone to pick up on that writer's flaws. And once you get into that habit of doing something incorrectly, it's hard to stop doing it. 

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

If you can express yourself better verbally, I highly recommend getting a pocket recorder and headset mic so you can dictate your story. Often when I'm stuck I'll take my recorder out and talk through my problems while walking or doing chores, or just go ahead with the scene. (I'll often end up doing different voices for characters, which is hilarious when I go back to transcribe it later, but very helpful in the moment to get into their personality.)

It does translate to extra time spent, when it comes to turning the audio into text, but I've found that sometimes words spoken aloud can flow in ways that typing or handwriting just don't.

And I totally understand the hesitance. 'Just go for it' is the easiest thing to say, and sometimes feels so impossible to do, but it really is the answer. Just DO things. They'll often turn out to be easier than you'd feared and harder in ways you'd never imagined. xD Writing is so powerful and valuable a skill to develop, I laud you for seeking the help you need to take the plunge. Keep at it! Keep writing, keep improving. :D

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

Thanks Tomoyuki!  you know what!  by the last story part i WAS having fun.  tho i used parts of an idea i wanted to save till i can write more effectively.

April18, your words add clarity to my vision. hearing other in similar difficulty meeting there goal does help

LadyAnder.  'learn to enjoy writing'.  I've thought more on those word then any other in this thread

disability you ask?  the term they use now is dysgraphia, the written expression aspect mostly for me.  something I've come to understand about learning disabilities is, its not cant learn, its can't learn it the same way most learn it.

poor working memory, poor planing and difficulty sequencing are all A.D.D based and mean i need notes Notes NOTES!
so getting past any aversion to writing key to doing more that the blurbs i did in this thread

Asviloka ' I laud you for seeking the help you need to take the plunge.'    I laud you for saying that. made me smile

you all say write, just write, dont worry and write, the more writing the better.  i will take this to heart.

I think I'd benifit from a place to write where a few people, preferably  ones i don't know in RL,  can give encouragement and a maybe a little criticism   

thankyou all

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

about the writing. as a first try, I won't say it's very good, but I've seen worse. heck, I've been worse. but yeah, your clarity and coherence do need a lot of work. for basic mistakes like spelling and grammar though, you can try editing software like Grammarly or Hemingway. they'd weed out a lot of undesirable stuff. but nothing's better than improving the basics, so you can also check out youtube. there are a lot of great videos on grammar and writing.

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

So would anyone mind if i just keep writing here??  in this thread?    

'your clarity and coherence do need a lot of work'   I fully agree with this statement. I don't know why tho, so if you see a concrete example in my writing I'd love to hear about it.

Alot of my reading last year or so is on royalroad here, fallowing 22 stories right now. That's bad for my grammar habits.  Getting over the first part of my dysgraphia was through messaging and texting.  That is also bad for my grammar habits lol.  Grammar will likely be a long hard protracted battle for me.

plan for now?  80% fun 20% better   still need to 'learn to enjoy writing' too

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

ok writing...      so i want to do a short story.   during the witch burning days.   a boy watches his older sister, his only living relative, dragged off to be burned as a witch.  collapsing into despair he hides in the hovel they called home in torment.   an old  crone lady stops in, help him to function a give a hope to save his sister.  the ending will be the boy and his sister escaping as they jump into the river there fate questionable

Olivia runs back home. slamming the door she whispers to Rick "quick, into the cellar, they're coming"  

bha never mind, can't get my head around it 

Pai always love the feel of wind though her feathers. folding into a roll and other acrobatics she tweetally proclaimed "I love the wind! I love the sun!"   aiming for what sunbeams the lazy cloud could not cover, cool air and warm light competed on her skin and feathers.  Pai was a small bird, what kind she knew not, just that most things were bigger than her.

spinning around and swooping low the young bird spots some bushed along the tree line"ooh the red berries that come in bunches!" she exclaims before tucking into dive. On approach she sees others of her kind, hopping carefully from branch to branch as the flock feasts among the sweet bounty.

"Pai come eat with us" a male calls. "ha" she teases as the dive rounds out and she pucks a raspberry, imitating what shes seen from the birds that dive for fish.

bha lost my connection to that story too

kk time for a break, it been a couple hours

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

Something that might shed a little light on why i think i can 'beat' this writing difficulty, is how i learned to read.  After being read to for years and finishing kindergarten, I show no sign of any reading ability.  Not even simple words like cat and dog. 

On the other hand i had memorize about 150 children books that i had been read to me.  a tutor was found who shared my style of disability, I'm told.  I spend the whole summer copying out those 150 children books over and over and over the entire season.

then it clicked, and i could not read, but i could speed read.  seeing word, sentences and sometimes whole paragraphs and a single symbol with complex meaning.  In that summer i turn 7. By 8 i was reading R.R.Tolkien, Robert Jorden, David Eddings,  Jean Auelll, and anything else my parent owned.

I feel i 'beat' the reading part of my disability

ohh BTW ill be editing those posts with story bits in them and hopefully improve them some.  advice is welcome

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

No, lol, tweetally is not a real word,   but i wanted the adjective (or is it adverb?) of tweet.  I also thought a miss used word that still provides meaning might add to the light-heartedness of the piece. I may be pushing it.

The quote with corrections is awesome.  Part of me really wants to just copy and paste it in, but I'll do it manually to better work the corrections into my method. At some point..

Uncalled for?  No. You read what i wrote and did corrections. This tells me you see some good in my writing. That you want it to be better.  I find this encouraging.

Re: Anyone here start with a writing disability and beat it? I want to.

Dear OP, talent is an odd thing and everyone has different starting points. For example, some writers don't have ideas. You appear to have many.

You may not have the natural talent for "writing" but the skill to create a story and connect everything in a logical way. Yes, there is a logic even in what you wrote above. Sure the grammar is lacking, but the heart is their.

If you really want to be a writer, it will take years, some "gifted" people can start earning money right away, but the amount they earn is limited unless they really grind as all other writers do. Don't ignore your natural gifts and look at what other people have. You part of what you need, ideas. Work on refining and presenting them to us. Once you do that, people will rush toward you. 

Don't worry about being a writer, most people confuse being a writer with what they really want, to be an author.