Re: Review swaps!

Hi! I would be interested in doing some review swaps! I’ll read the first 15-20 chapters of your work (or longer if I feel particularly grabbed by it) and leave fair, constructive feedback in the form of an advanced review if you’ll do the same. 

I don’t mind what your story is in terms of demographic or subject matter. My story is a high-tech fantasy with some adult themes.

Just let me know if you’d be interested! 

Link to my story:


Exalted Warlock (completed)

Fracture: Tales of the Broken Lands (completed)

The Dragon Within; Daughter of Storm (completed)

Locking Horns, Breaking Teeth (completed)

Conscientia (completed)

Magical Cosmic (completed)

World's End Campfire (completed)

Blightbane (completed)

Binary Progression (completed)

After Megiddo (completed)

Spark of Brilliance (completed)

Requiem (completed)

Diverge Summoning (completed)

Horizon (completed)