Re: Looking for a review swap

Trying to get a neutral grasp on how my story is, i've been stuck around 3 stars for a while now, despite my efforts to improve tale. I've written up to about, 40-60 chapters total (lost count awhile ago).

Any who, the tale's pretty not safe for christian mine craft servers to say the least. And it's also really long, I try to keep things fresh by having multiple protagonists, settings and concepts mashed together. 

If anyone would like to trade, be sure to hit me up! <Story in question

Re: Looking for a review swap

Rather than a review, I could provide a bit of feedback that may help you improve your ratings. (I don't do review swaps, so you don't need to feel any pressure to read my story.)

Feedback: The story blurb has several grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes, which is automatically going to turn off a lot of readers, thus making it harder to get ratings and reviews. I'd also recommend writing a more traditional blurb to draw readers in, rather than a meta description of what the story is going to be.

The chapter arrangement may also discourage potential readers. The first eight "chapters" aren't part of the story. The chapter that I think comes first (because it's one of the two chapters labeled "Chapter 1") has a subtitle of "What just happened, now slightly more moist," which is both slightly confusing and suggests that there's some other content that's supposed to come before it--but if so, I can't figure out what.

I did read a bit of that chapter, but again, there were grammatical and spelling mistakes, as well as a lot of incomplete sentences (honestly, too many to try to point out). I'd recommend using a spell checker and a grammar checker, and then read the story out loud to yourself to look for further issues. I don't normally recommend Grammarly, because it has a lot of false positives, but you may find it helpful. There are also websites that provide grammar tips, for when you need to look up how to do something. Be sure to read a lot of professionally published authors--that's the best way to drill grammar into your head. Read, and read, and then read some more. Pay attention to how professional authors construct sentences, how they use verb tenses, how they use perspective and point of view.

Don't get discouraged. Writing is hard work, and every writer is constantly learning as they go.