Re: Passing the mad scientist's creation. (Difficulty: Easy)


Its very simple. Basically the person above has to create an item that makes a challenge for the next poster. 

Items can be: monsters, bombs, etc. Leave it to the mad scientist in each of you. 

For example:

A: creates a reverse bomb (Next person writes in reverse)

B: drow wen hcae retfa dna ,erofeb ,neewteb ni tsop txen eht ni drow hcae etirw ot deen uoY .pool emit a setaerC
...sdrawkcab setirW

C: Writes and each word new after between 

Creates device makes write after new every word cookies each person next the that cookie a

D: Writes cookies after cookies every cookies word

Creates cookies a cookies watch cookies that cookies stops cookies this cookies madness cookies.