Re: Raccoons And Penguins (Difficulty: Hard)


So it's like rock paper scissors, but with an additional charm. I don't know if it'll become too complex though. So sorry it's just me trying to create a game and don't know if this one works. 

Sneak: Action necessary before you can steal. 
Steal: Steals the craft of someone. (Needs sneak and unprotected victim. The sneaking posts need to be separated by 1 post from another person to be effective).
Craft: Crafts a level 1 weapon or shield of choice. (You can reclaim the weapon and equip it after 3 posts from other users) 
Reclaim crafting: prevents stealing of the crafted weapon after the third post of another. if no one appeared your weapon wasn't stolen, you shall reclaim it. 
Steal by force: If you have a stronger weapon than another, you can attack by force. If you aren't countered in 2 posts your weapon will remain in perfect condition. 
Scratch it: Counters with an owned craft. 
-Scratch it with a weapon (Counter): The weapon of the attacker will lose the number of levels your weapon has. Making it weaker. Your weapon will then disappear. 
-Scratch it with a shield (Defend): You defend. The weapon of the attacker won't suffer damage. each attack will decrease a shield level. 


A: craft a sword. (needs 3 posts below)
B: craft a spear. (needs 3 posts below)
C: sneak B. 
D: sneak A.
A: reclaim sword. 3 posts have passed and I have a sword lv 1 now. D your attempt has failed!
Equipment: Sword lv 1. 
C: steal B. 3 posts have passed and I reclaim B's spear. Thanks for your patronage mr b. 
Equips: Spear lv 1. 
B: noooo! Damn raccoon! 
A: Attacks C (steal by force with sword lv 1)
C: Defend (Scratch it with spear lv 1). (Both weapons are destroyed)
If C didn't defend A would have the possibility to combine them. 

Combine: if you have 1 weapon and stole another one, you can fuse them to create a stronger weapon. Lv+Lv and equip at the end of your post. 

Extra things that can be added in the future: 
who knows

creates an item: Beer? Candy? double-strength drug?