Re: I do not remember the title of 4 different novels.

-All I can remember about this novel is the picture used as cover. The picture was with a guy ( teenager or young adult) and a humanoid Twilight Sparkle.
-This one is in a world in which the litrpg apocalypse came and later the MC turned in to a tree man because of a ritual with an old fairy ( goblin).
-The next one was about a class of high schoolers who died on a field trip and got reincarnated in another world. The MC is part of a Northern tribe where the males at young age have an appearance similar to bodybuilders, got magic of thunder attribute alongside a title Son of Thor, is in love with his childhood friend who is a witch and is beautiful ( just witches represent our perspective of beauty and other girls and women look like muscular gorillas), got a star birthmark which gives him bonus attributes.
- And finally, the last one is about a world where the System existed for a long time. The class you get decides your future. Long rage classes give you privileges like those of nobility and close combat classes make you a dreg of the society. From what I remember he got a Magic skill at some point but because he had 0 mana the skill mutated in one which uses health instead.