Re: How to fix table text colours?

I pasted in my tables from google sheets, and they looked right in the preview, but no matter what I've done every time I save it reverts to pale grey unreadable text. I don't even know how to strip the background colour to make it ugly blue but legible! Help?

This is the page in question. The tables are at the very bottom.

I can strip the blue, so it's consistently illegible, but I'm no coder and have no idea what I'm looking at. Or why selecting text, choosing black, and saving would constantly revert to grey.

Ideally, I'd set the background to white and the text to black, leaving the coloured cells as they are. If that's not possible, just resetting the whole thing to use RR's default would probably be the next best solution. This is my first time posting a story so I'm very lost. xD


Re: How to fix table text colours?

The cause of this is that the default colors are different between your originals and the Royalroad sets, and you probably used CSS in your original text to set the colors - which is overwritten on RR because RR does not allow changes to the CSS-template.

What you need to do is accept the changed colors first, and then use the table properties in the RR editor to change the colors in a way you want. You cannot keep any CSS-based changes from your original texts.

Changing the colors through the table properties in RR is tedious, but there is no other way (other than going into the HTML-code, which requires good knowledge of non-CSS table formatting).

Re: How to fix table text colours?

that doesn't matter, because google automatically uses this and you can't copy that data because RR doesn't allow that.

you have to correct the colors through the table property of RR as I said in my last sentence of the previous post.

just click into the table after it was changed, then click on the buttons for the properties and change all colors to the ones you want.