Re: New Writer, First Story. Need Guidance.


I have found the first steps to be

1- Write constantly, no matter how much or how little, once a week, once every two weeks, whatever, constancy is the key to start

2- Start with short stories, you see, ideas are not that hard to produce and even original ideas are no big deal, the development of those ideas is the part that counts, so, focus on developing stories rather than on being original and you will improve

Writing is a skill that requires development, so, do not start with something big and focus on stuff you can finish because you will always improve more from a finished work, no matter how small

The only good criticism is the one that focuses on the internal elements of a story and the relations between them, and the one provided by other people who also write, ignore criticism that doesn't fulfill any of those qualities 

Consume media outside your genre, a regular by-the-formula- story will be too boring and you can get better ideas from outside genres