Re: Kind of a New author here, Need someone to guide me into the right direction

Hi, as the title suggests, I used to be post stories here about an year ago. Then I went on hiatus and the story remains unfinished. I was interested in writing Medium length novels back then. I had this idea of a really unique shared universe, and my first story here was supposed to be one of many in a series. But college started and I couldn't complete the story. Now after an year, I had some free time so I wrote a new story in the same shared universe. But this time I was afraid it might also go unfinished, so I changed the idea into a complete short story. But the interesting thing I did was that, the short story also serves as a prologue or as an origin story, in case I ever change my mind about continuing it. Now, here is the problem. I need advice on how should I continue as a writer now. I really love writing novels and short stories, Should I continue to write short stories? or should I complete the novel I started and then continue writing novels.

This is the incomplete story from an year ago:

And this is the new Short story/Prologue I wrote:

Should I continue this Short story as a novel? I need guidance on which style suits me the best.

I would really appreciate any kind of feedback!

Re: Kind of a New author here, Need someone to guide me into the right direction

I think you should stick to short stories. This has less to do with your writing style (which may need some more paragraphs in general for readability), but your life cirumstances. If you're in college, it may be easier to maintain writing, if you make short stories. A webseries takes some commitment and if you need to ask about it, I wouldn't recommend it.

If you do so, it doesn't mean that you're downgrading. Writing short stories is hard! Really hard, because you have to condense what you would usually write so that you don't mess up the pacing and make the reader feel lost. The real advantage is, that you can better discontinue or trash a short story, when your schedule or your ideas don't allow you to write more than exercises.
if I learned something about writing a webseries, it's that the further you come, the more time you spend on everything, rewriting because things don't align well, editing so long to kill continuality-errors, planning and executing character arcs, foreshadowing and preparing, and *eyes start to bleed*

If you want to write a series, be free to do so. If you love it, it's not work at all. But I gave my suggestion. ;)

Re: Kind of a New author here, Need someone to guide me into the right direction

Mistpunk, I want to echo something Kentusrpg said - If you need to ask about it, I also wouldn't recommend it.

That said, I think this comes down to what kind of writer you want to be. 

Do you want quick feedback/comments/reviews from a hopefully ever-growing reader base? If there's the chance that college and life cause you to go for large periods of time without writing, short stories give you greater flexibility.  If you're wanting to keep up with a schedule for a growing reader base, then a novel may not be the best scenario if you're unsure you'll be able to keep up with it.
If however, you really want to finish a book, and you don't mind folks' reaction to chunks of time in between (I may or may not have large chunks between my posts...*cough* ahem...) then just go for it.

I've found that for me, it's actually best to work on more than one project at a time. If that fits for you, you could be working on your novel and when you encounter writer's block, or you don't have enough time to commit to it when you sit down on a particular day, work on a short story instead.

I'm not convinced there's a right answer to your question that works for everybody. 

Furthermore, particularly if you're in college, you'll likely find that your style starts to evolve. You're at an age where we tend to change our priorities, and with them, our opinions. My high school writing was night and day compared to my college writing, and both of them are unrecognizable compared to my current style.

The biggest thing you can do as a writer, to ensure that you're a writer, is write :)

Re: Kind of a New author here, Need someone to guide me into the right direction

Write a backlog of postings if you want to get your work out there and be consistent at the same time. If life gets in the way, you can fall back on your backlog. Wildbow, creator of Worm, suggests doing this. If you want to do this, and you will want to ask yourself if you want to pursue this project, you will find the time to write and produce new installments. Consider joining a writers’ group to encourage output and whatnot.