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The story is about a loner who was transported into a fantasy world with his classmates as a hero. As heroes, they have the so-called hero-system which uses stats. The MC is a gamer and therefore knows exactly that everything he knows about games... has little to do with being in a fantasy world. Then he's also struck by a curse which he has to lift and he needs to do something he's really, really bad it: Working together with others!

It's a fun little story of mine with teenagers as a cast, acting like teenagers. Also prized with the comment "best elves of RoyalRoad" (this will come in volume 3). I'll finish volume 6 this weekend, btw.

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One or two girls? What about five?

My novel is all about skills and levels, look at my sig.

Slightly OP MC gets slowly stronger.
Realistic combat.
Detailed world.
Lots of descriptions.
Smart and rational MC (a little emotionally unstable at the beginning).
Slow paced.
Lots of sex.

Lots of sex.
Slowwww paced.
Not much interpersonal drama among the harem.

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Well i already Read Rupegia but i'm not really looking for something like that most the novel is about depravity which is okay but gets old quick i'm mainly looking for something that's real life like arcane Emperor, Delve, He who kills Monsters, etc that has lvls skills etc so you can see a clear progression i've been checking out stuff on here webnovel etc but unfortunately this website doesn't have a similar novel or recommended novel section/list and webnovel is just about the same :/ i've found a few that i thought were gonna be good but they went WAY off like one where EVERYONE is trying to fight the mc and his girl and it's like fucking seriously over the dumbest stuff.. so yeah.. Seriously Anyone Please help it can be a real book it could be on here amazon, webnovel etc just something good like some of the ones i listed 

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The Wandering Inn is hands down the best I've read, but it isn't everyone's style.
Savage Divinity isn't exactly what you're looking for but it has good progression and it is super popular for a reason.

Often on LitRPG facebook groups, people recommend the Cradle series by Will Wight even though it is more wuxia than LitRPG. 9/10 people love that bad boy so you'll probably enjoy it too. 

Metaworld Chronicles is also a bit off base from what you're asking but it is pretty damn good once you get into the swing of things. Not so much Skills and Levels as Spells and Tiers, but they serve a similar purpose.

Also, my book Snowstorm ( has a lot of what you're asking for, but my opinion is pretty biased. I hope at least one of these suggestions helps!

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It's kind of a comedic, coming of age, cultivation novel... With levels of course...
Shameless self-promotion alert: It's by me, so I know the author and he thinks he's hilarious! But decide for yourself... Here's the blurb...

Three young friends try to make their way together, through the dog-eat-dog cultivation world of the jianghu -- and even worse, their teens!. They have chosen to take the path less travelled, by rising as a single entity -- of three entirely separate individual people -- The Thundering Tortoise Trio! 

Along their merry, yet sometimes scary, way, Jian Cheng, Fatty Li Feng and Fairy Fen Ling will forsake their own petty selfishness, their hateful overbearing sect, conventional cultivation wisdom and even the entire righteous path, for the family they have become... And for benefits of course! After all, everyone loves benefits! Join these three friends with benefits (*we're not changing the title though...), as they probably overcome every obstacle (* but no promises) to bravely forge their own future!

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Hello there,

  Self promotion as well. I would suggest that you give my new novel, Adventurer, a look. I spent about a year tinkering and editing the skill/leveling system. It is also based on tabletop role playing games as opposed to MMO's in style. So that may be appealing depending on what you are looking for. If you specifically want to know about the system and if it will be to your liking I suggest simply skipping to the end of the book and looking at the Tables & Charts section. As one reader put it, "That's a lot of information..." 

   I will be jumping into a deep dive edit during my Thanksgiving vacation from my real job, so I would love any critical feedback and would be most appreciative to folks who take a look. 


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Levels? You'll probably like xianxia cultivation novels then! Which cough cough is where my shameless self-promotion begins.

Title: Beyond The Primordials
Genre: Xianxia/Eastern Fantasy

Its still in progress with only 14 chapters, but I guarantee there will be more! I put my own spin on the cultivation system so its not as linear as most are. But if you like escalating levels of power, come check mine out! Haven't added any romance yet cause I just started, but I plan to ;)

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in no particular order, enjoy - good, long, still going on strong, exactly what you want - a little outside the standard, several books published (meaning removed from RR) - no reincarnations and transmigrations, non-human mc, but it has levels, skills and "girls" - our modern world, turning apocalyptic, one of the best sci-fi litrpg here imo - unf dropped or a long pause - everything you want and more, plus some meta - the begining is little iffy, haven't caught up, heard it's getting better and better - world of numbers gets even more numbers, transformation - virtual reality game, it has some of your reqs - levels, skills, girls, get on that - a second chance in a fantasy world, characters mostly children, it could be great if it wasn't so irregular - first book finished, second book now, has some cool concepts of skills, classes and leveling - dropped before it really starts, almost no hope for it to continue, but if you don't mind that for the little it has it's one of the best litrpgs, virtual reality game

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Self promotion being the done thing apparently - here's my pitch .. be warned this is a soccer heavy book so if you're not into that sport then look away now ...

Quote:Jay, a teen University drop out takes a blow to the head playing soccer and discovers he now views the world as if it was a role-playing/video game. Imagine playing soccer in real-life and seeing everything you do while playing FIFA.

This is a LitRPG book - so its got levels and a lot of RPG/gamey stuff in it, however it is done a little differently to most, its set in the real world and the skills don't involve magic and weaponry, its about sports and real world activities, its entirely possible that Jay might stop burning toast and pick up Cooking 1 at some point.

PS - All feedback very much appreciated, especially constructive stuff :D

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Feel free to check out my book. It's a LitRPG with levelling and skill points- and a whole lot more.

Quick Synopsis:
It follows Isais, who wakes up naked and seemingly alone in a sewer. Only he isn't completely alone. There is somebody inside his head. A voice, or a whole new identity, he can't be sure. Together Isais and the voice must fight their way through the sewer for they have no memories between them, only a cryptic message that presents them a mission- and with it perhaps some clue that may help them discover who they are.
While fighting, they make startling revelations. Number one being that Isais is a (somewhat useless) mage. The second, and by far the most alarming, is that the voice can take control of Isais' body. And the voice, as it turns out, is a semi-mad berserker.



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I've been writing this Fantasy LitRPG Novel for around six months and recently plucked up the nerve to post the first 20 chapters of it on RoyalRoad. I'll be posting further updates every few days until its completed (at which point I'll be starting on Book 2 :D).

"When the hero is a Goblin scrambling for survival in a brutal situation, what is good might not be as clear cut as you might expect.

If you think you're too small to make a difference, you haven't spent a night with a mosquito
-- Goblin Proverbs of Caution and Cowardice"

You can read more of "Feral - Evil is a matter of perspective" here

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Son of the night might be just the story for you! 
This story is a LitRPG story, BUT it's not a rebirth/reborn, teleported, mind-transfer, trapped inside a game, or even a VRmmo novel. 
It's a fantasy story with the main character born and growing up in the world I created. 

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, slow Romance, LitRPG, Magic, Male Lead, Non-Human lead, Supernatural 

Since the dawn of time, the Demon race and Humans fought each other over land and resources. 
Neither side could gain a decisive advantage. 
Was history determined to endlessly repeat itself? 
Everything changed once the mysterious demigods appeared and took the humans' side. 
Clueless of this struggle Akira tries to find his own path in this war-torn society. 
Why should he care about the fight between the demon race and demigods? 
Honor! Survival! Fighting for friends and family! These were the values he believed in. 
However, soon his heritage would come to haunt this son of the night 

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Since everyone's doing the same, I might as well add my newest novel to the pile. It's a LitRPG about an overpowered 'player' who fights against the system from within. Even has a pretty girl in the first chapter. ;D
There aren't a lot of chapters yet, so it's a quick read. Feel free to check it out.

Fight the System


After everyone is dead, and your world is gone, what is there left to do?

The arrival of the "System" on earth marked the start of the apocalypse. New social rules caused chaos, new races waged war against humanity. Throughout the chaos, Layne discovered his talents and proved a champion of the human race.

Yet when he was done killing, no other life was left on earth. In the process, he grew strong, far stronger than the system ever intended. Even so, the system moves him on, to continue as a player in a game he never wanted.

Armed with the combined strength of his entire planet, will Layne be able to overcome his masters, and fight the systemâ„¢?

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Hey there!  I joined as an author not too long ago and would love any feedback on the story I have been posting.  I have 4 chapters up so far and plan on releasing at least 1 chapter every other day from here on out, if possible.  This story is written as a LitRpg story and should be similar to what you were asking for.  The class systems/skills are implemented a bit later in the story though, like chapter 8, so you won't see them for the first several chapters...sorry!  I'm also a big fan of loot so there will be a good amount of that within the story as well!

 I hate to be the schmuck saying, "Read my stuff! Read my stuff!" but alas here I am...  Now that my pride is mostly gone I really would appreciate more of you reading my stuff! Ha.  No but really...

Anyways Happy New Year!  Let's make this one a good one here on Royal Road!!

Here's the link:

Thanks a million!