From what I remember in the bigining people were riding a bus and end up going through a portal to a doungeon. the MC goes out to explore and scout and asks the main girl to go with. small verbal fight happens with other person = early bad guy. MC and girl leave, he becomes a void knight or something of the like and the girl becomes a queen of poison i think. After leavling to around 20, then they go back to the bus  find some small defences, the women kills the bg and his helper, gives the other people hearthstones i think, and they stay to lv some more. outside the doungeon there are many more around earth poping up and people are banned from entering. eventualy they both exit the dungeon, mc meets her dad and find out that she lives in russia. they split for a while. mc lives with his sis, and has fun with his powers. last i rember he went into another dungeon huge forest, and he and a alfa wolf he names scar killed a purple lettered bear and are now getting chased by birds. pls help.