Re: Display Groups and Primary User Groups

Hello! I'm quite new to Royal Road, but I've loved it so far. One thing I am confused about is the Display Group and Primary User Group system that is in the profile settings. 

I've taken the time to scour the forums and help list for information, but perhaps I just missed it. Everything I found for links has sent me to a 404 link not found page, so I assume those links are outdated.

What I am asking for is a link to the relevant information, or, if its quite simple to explain, a brief summary on what the system is used for and how I can best implement it for my profile will suffice.

I am also wondering if it has any affect on aspiring writers in particular. Along with being a new user, I am also a new writer, so if this system can benefit me in anyway, that would be good to know.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.