Re: Can anybody recommend good editing software?

title says it all. 

I'm both dyslexic and currently using open office, this combination of poor spelling skills and even poorer spell checker on my current software is making it really difficult to get my writing into a suitable state to post. As an example this post took me far to long to complete because the spell checker on Royalroad couldn't fix "tital" to title. 

Beyond this the grammar checker on open office simply does not exist.  

Thanks Norik 

Re: Can anybody recommend good editing software?

As a fellow dyslexic, I know the feeling. Open Office to be honest sucks in the spelling and grammar department. Aside from MS. Word, I don't know any other word processing programs that have a passable grammar and spell checker. I'm looking out for one. Google docs does alright but, it terrible for writing documents of great length. It starts lagging.

Others have mentioned using Grammarly. You can try out ProWritingAid as it is a bit more comprehensive. I also recommend investing in a good text-to-speech software. There are a few things that a grammar checker will not pick up. In fact, I find text-to-speech a lot more helpful than a grammar checker.
I currently use ReadAloud.