Re: New to RR

Good afternoon, folks, I'm Claire. Relatively new to Royal Road and looking to publish in the near future, but prior to that I wanted to get my feet wet looking at all the stories around here. I've been browsing the feeds, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone was really hoping to scoop a new reader off the bat: I know the rules say not to advertise your own work, but if you're as new as me and are really hoping for feedback, please see this as an invitation to send me a private message linking me to your story. c: 

I'm a big believer in practising criticism as a tool for improvement, and I promise not to be unnecessarily harsh. Hit me up! Or just reply here if you're looking for warm conversation about amateur writing and ideas. 


Re: New to RR

Danetello Wrote: New users only... Well, I'll be on my way then. 

I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have so far!

Hi! Sorry, I didn't meant to make anyone feel left out. I'd be happy to look at something of yours, it's more that I know how difficult it can be for new writers to attract fresh eyes and wanted to offer my time as a fellow amateur. c:

And thanks, David! I'll give it a peek tonight and draft some comments. A full trilogy is a hell of a goal, I admire your determination.