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I planning/wanted to get an editor for the first 1000-5000 words of my work-in-progress book (depending on price). It's not like people don't use Fiverr and I don't see a lot of bad reviews of the freelancers but, I would like to get some more opinions before I go committed. So, those anybody used Fiverr as a source of editors, proofreaders, etc?

Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

Used fiver once to make a cover.  Paid $200 upfront for a picture from a guy who had a good looking fiver page and promised to do quality custom work.  After I paid he got in touch and asked me what I wanted.  I explained the scene I wanted.  Something simple, no people, just a landscape taken from the perspective of a castle wall.

There was a time limit on the fiver page for two weeks for him to finish.  After a week and a half I wrote and asked how it was going and he said he hadn’t started but could I push the due date up another couple weeks.  No problem.  Two weeks later I got in touch with him again and asked him how it was going.  He sent me a pencil drawing of three people in super hero outfits holding laser beams standing over a dead dinosaur.  Then he askd me if I liked what he had drawn.

I said he had not even bothered to read the description of the scene I’d sent him.  He clicked done.  I clicked I wasn’t satisfied and he should resubmit.  He resubmitted exactly the same picture, and clicked done.  I clicked that I wasn’t satisfied and Fivr closed the contract saying that everything was over.

I was furious.  I looked over all of Fiver’s website about how to open a dispute.  There didn’t seem to be a way to do this.  I looked for a phone number to call support and couldn’t find a phone number.  Finally I went into paypal and disputed my payment there.

A day later Fiver wrote an email to me saying that I was in breach of their terms of contract and that i needed to cancel my disputed payment with paypal immediately.  I wrote back and told them their site had ripped me off and that they could go fuck themselves.  They wrote back and said they had looked at my transactions and that I indeed had a case and that they would help me get a refund if I cancelled my Paypal dispute.  I decided to give them a shot., and went into Paypal and canceled my disputed payment.  A couple days later I got my money back from Fiver.

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The site itself is legit. It really depends on the individual freelancer you work with. My company has worked with logo designers on there before and we had a positive experience.

For editors, just keep an eye out for the ones with good reviews and credentials. (ie: Someone who has current or past experience at a publishing company is always a plus. You can usually confirm this by cross-referencing the person on other sites.) I'd also recommend starting with a small number of words as a trial period before committing to a full manuscript, but it sounds like you're already doing that. :)

Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

I haven't used it myself, but read mixed reviews of it on other sites.

The problem seems to be that they don't make an effort to remove the bad apples, and as a result it depends on the specific artist/worker if you get a good result or get scammed. The chance seems to be 50/50 if you don'ttake time to evaluate who you're working with on other sites.

The description above basically confirms this impression - if they autosend requests against a paypal dispute BEFORE checking the disputed work, requiring the customer to point out to them that their (extremely basic) contract interactions did leave him without the requested work, then that is a very bad point against their service.

I know that some legit workers have no other choice but to use those partially shady services because Paypal is not available in their country, so I wouldn't automatically negate it - but you have to be more carefull about using it and checking the worker you want to hire before paying.

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I poked around Fiverr but it wasn't really for me.

I'm actually an editor for a small press and this is my pen name. I used Freelancer for a while when I had a break in submissions and wound up with a nice little side job with a Japanese company. It has been a while since I've been on Freelancer since I've been too busy writing my fan fiction to take on extra work, but lately my husband has been struggling through college (he spent six years in the Navy, but the GI Bill won't be enough to cover all he's trying to accomplish) and he's too stressed to hold down a weekend job, so he's been wanting me to take on more work. Maybe we could negotiate something if you are interested in working with me. 

I commission artwork for my story and find that DeviantArt is the place to go for that. I like how easy it is to see an artist's portfolio and rates. A few artists have fallen through on me, but so far the ones who did fall through have always refunded me.