Re: Story about a genderbent time mage in a VRMMO

I am not entirely sure about some specifics of the story, but i still remember some parts of it.

It starts of with the guy playing a warrior? class in a VRMMO, and he completed this challenge set by a god. It ended up giving him some rare items, related to being a time mage, which had the effects of storing MP as time, or something similar, and the opportunity to change class to a time mage.

However the MC wanted to class as a warrior?, so he ended up trying to throw away the equipment, and as a result the angered the God of Time ingame. The God ended up cursing him and forcibly changed his class into a time maga, and change the gender of his character as well.

After this happened, i think the game, which was still in the beta phases was starting to end, so there was a server wide event where monsters attack the main town of the game. The players almost lost to the monsters, but then the MC used a loophole in the game, which was a clocktower/tallest building in the game. 

Essentially you could only reach the top by climbing, as if you tried to fly to the top you would be instantly killed. So he climbed to the top, played a flute to help raise the morale of the remaining players, and lured the flying monster to attack him, which led to it dying due to the instant kill zone on the tower.

After this he got back down and was swarmed by the remaining players, as with his gender changed, he looked quite beautiful. At this point in time, he panicked because of the swarm of players rushing to her, which resulted in the God intervening and summoning him to where they were.

However from the perspective of the players, it looked like he got wrapped in chains, and only managed to say 'Im sorry', before being pulled into a portal.

After this, she became extremely famous as an 'NPC' as the game company used the whole last battle scene as well as her being 'snatched' by the 'bad guys' to advertise the game before it was actually released.

Afterwards i remember once the game was actually released, he logged into the game only to realise that he was still stuck in the female character.

Past this point i only remember some parts, such as she fell asleep under a tree, and was found by a few players (which was the MC's IRL friends), and a part where she got drunk and played with a few giant wolves, and fell asleep, only to be shocked when she woke up and was in the midst of several wolves.

I know this sotry is kinda a Mary Sue, but i would greatly appreciate it if anyone could find this story.
Thanks in advance.