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This category has only one possibility, and that is driven by polls, making it more like majority ride-a-long than anything else. Is there any support for the equivalent of Tunnels & Trolls solo adventures/ the choose your own adventure books? Each sub-part labelled and each choice within a subpart telling you the number of the sub-part to go to?

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The site supports chapters so you can just label your chapters appropriately and add the correct chapters to go to when it's time to make a choice. The only downside is that there doesn't seem to be a way to "hide" chapters, but then again, you can't do that either on a traditional CYOA book.


You open the door-

  1. Close it and run away (Go to Chapter 2-A)

  2. Walk in (Go to Chapter 2-B)

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Wrote: Seeing as you can't insert links into the chapter text, but you can in the author's note below, I would probably suggest that you put the entire story part, then line up the choices in the author's notes with the appropriate link to the chapter.

I understand, and I'm trying that out (Blue Modern CYOA), but I don't know how to anchor the chapter-name word links in the author's note area yet.