So I don't know if I'm just being an idiot or if this has already been posted about a lot, but I think the review priority needs work.

I usually look at reviews to see if I should give a fiction a go, and it's really silly that the first thing I see is the earliest review. Not only are these reviews probably not a good representative of where the author has actually taken the story (and how they might have improved on their own craft), there is as far as I can find no way to sort reviews by "negative" or "controversial" or "helpful".

If I'm wrong I'm an idiot, but let me know how to access this function if I'm just a blind bat or if I evidently barely know my way around a word doc. 

The real truth of the matter is that very few people are going to flip through pages upon pages of reviews and read each one carefully, or any of them for that matter. My experience is I pretty much just read the first few reviews and then move on.

Most of you probably would agree that high ratings don't mean that a fiction is good, and it definitely does not mean that it will fit your taste. Obviously a good review would help you orient yourself.

Often times I find myself turned away by the grammar/style or the mistakes of the first chapter, and if I could see a helpful review about whether that is representative of the whole work or if it changes etc. etc. I could make a better decision about whether or not the fiction is worth my time.

Not a coder, but this does not seem like the most difficult addition.