Re: Weak ---> OP AF

Can anyone help me find a novel where the MC starts off as extremely weak (as in weaker than everyone else (or it seems like that)). Hopefully he is abused or bullied (don't judge)

Then he finds something which grants him power, or he find that he has some hidden talent that makes him extremely strong. Then he absolutely destroys everyone who treated him wrong, but the last part is optional

Ex: bnha, solo levelling, unOrdinary, and a ton more which I've forgotten

Thanks for managing to read through the text, I would appreciate any suggestions.

Re: Weak ---> OP AF

Going around looking for anyone actually asking for something like my story, I found this topic.  Let me know if this is close to what you mean.

So, for my story, everything starts off really low key.  Main Characters come from important positions and are rather pitiful at what they do.  Early on, there is sign of them having a bunch of talent, and they get faced with a bunch of... sucking that otherwise depends on luck.  Even early on, you start hearing though that they are capable of way more.  Very very gradual power creep adds layers of effect until they discover the full potential of their power.

Possibly one of the biggest concerns though is that you said 'he'.  The story centers around four girls.  If you desire a destructive protagonist, wait for the reveal of chapter 1's character by chapter 5.  If what you desire is a strong leadership prowess, chapter 2 by chapter 5.  If you are fine with a female protagonist and want the most dramatic climb of power, follow chapter 3's character, but it's going to take a while.  But if what you want the most is someone abused and bullied, I might recommend chapter 4's character.