Re: Bandit mc


Second arc all three become bandits and that's the basis of their sect. First ac they've infiltrated a sect they all hate and are ripping it off...

Three young friends try to make their way together, through the dog-eat-dog cultivation world of the jianghu -- and even worse, their teens!.
They have chosen to take the path less travelled, by rising as a single entity -- of three entirely separate individual people -- The Thundering Tortoise Trio!
Along their merry, yet sometimes scary, way, Jian ChengFatty Li Feng and Fairy Fen Ling will forsake their own petty selfishness, their hateful overbearing sect, conventional cultivation wisdom and even the entire righteous path, for the family they have become... And for benefits of course!
After all, everyone loves benefits!
Join these three friends with benefits (*we're not changing the title though...), as they probably overcome every obstacle (* but no promises) to bravely forge their own future!