Your main character's theme song

My story has a bunch of protagonists I alternate between each chapter, and whenever I write those different characters I tend to listen to a specific song when I'm writing them to help me keep to that character's personality while I write. So, what I'm wondering is if anyone does something similar when they're writing or plotting out their story, and maybe why you think that song fits your character.

Also it's okay to list one or two extra songs if they're for different moods or scenes with your given characters.
A few songs for my story are:

Jericho King: Unstable by Chaotica, the song fits him pretty well given his general mental issues and how he still tries to do his best as a Mask.

Graves & Molly: Friend like me from Aladdin (1992), whenever Graves is trying to cheer Molly up, it just fits given his status as a powerful magical entity and his love of music.

Aiden Caine: Sinner by Barns Courtney, just in general for where he starts in the story and the person he's trying to be.

Re: Your main character's theme song

I love topics like these since I always listen to certain songs whenever I have to write action scenes for my characters.

Song: Burning My Soul from Kamen Rider Build, because like the theme song of the character in the show, Song is a fighter that's all brawn and no brains, but somehow he always feels so reliable when he gets to work.

Shu: Revolution from Kamen Rider Ryuki, because of its tragic yet heroic vibe. He'd risk everything to fight and protect Song. The both of them share a tragic story as well which makes it even more fitting.

Re: Your main character's theme song

I usually just write with one perspective.  I get headaches usually just from dealing with so many of my own characters.  Wow, I think my theme song for my character would be . . . probably "I see fire" remixed by kygo but originally by ed sheeran.  I feel it's a good mountain song.  My main right now is in a valley and is slowly going to get out of it.  But we will see what happens.

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Wrote: Wasn't this (theme song thing) a whole episode of Ally McBeal back in the day?

No idea, but I've seen similar things pop up where people give new theme songs to their favorite characters from a show, game, or movie, and figured it'd be a cool idea to see what other people thought of their own characters. 

Especially since I usually use said songs to help my stay in character when writing, from the many perspectives in my story.