I did delete a story when it got two "2" ratings here, though I kept it on Wattpad (which does not have ratings just read/not read feedback loop). 

My writing is not horrendous, I am serious about it and put effort in my texts. I took bad ratings as a sign that the story itself was not right for this site and I should try something different here; I did so. I am unsuccessful to date, but I am trying to figure out what people like on each site,  why I am not gaining readership & fix it as much as I can. 

In my view, it makes no sense to throw good efforts after bad, and try to keep going with a story that people disliked. I take 3 to 5 range as 'okay, keep going/show me more', but anything below three that is persistent is a 'forget it' sign for me, UNLESS there is a good following/favoring going on the story even if the readers can't be bothered to rate. 

It is not about wringing my little hands crying 'omg, I am so underappreciated', it is about being practical about posting. I have plenty of ideas in my files, I can vary my style, etc. The end goal is to be read, not to just post. Being read is the first stepping stone to becoming a writer, and while life is long, it is also pretty short.