Re: Script to hide fictions from the ratings lists + infinite scroll

I've written a greasemonkey script that can be used to hide fictions from the various ratings lists (best rated, trending etc.).  Since this meant early pages were empty I've also implemented infinite scroll.

It's super useful for hiding fictions you've read (or don't want to read) from the fictions lists, making them much easier to trawl through!

You can get the script here:
You'll need to use something like tapermonkey (on Chrome) or greasemonkey (on Firefox) to use it.

Here's an image of it in action:

To hide a story click the 'hide' button to the right of the title.  You can click the buttom at the top of the page to also hide the titles of hidden fictions if you wish.

I don't know of any way to grab the list of fictions you've read or rated so I can't automatically hide those for you but if someone knows of a way then I'd be happy to implement that functionality.

Thanks to fsoc for the original version without infinite scroll or full hiding.