Hello everyone, 

Not only am I a writer here on Royal Road, but I am also a freelance professional proofreader. So, I have decided to offer my services here should anybody want them. 

What do I mean by proofreading exactly? What I mostly do is correct spelling, wording, and grammar. I don't make big stylistic suggestions or suggestions to flow or pacing of the novel (though I might make a comment if I notice something major in story while I'm proofreading). This may change in the future, but for now, I'm purely doing proofreading.

Here's a link to my website if you want to see a brief portfolio or find my profiles on other sites: https://beccasproofing.com/ (Still under construction so bear with me).

As far as the pricing goes, I'm offering a special deal of $5 dollars (USD) for 2000 words (which makes it half a cent (in USD) for every word if you have less than 2000 or more than 2000 and want to adjust the price accordingly). I am willing to accept offers through private messages, but I would prefer if orders were made through this (http://www.fiverr.com/s/bnegt9). 

The only limitations I have is no R rated stories and no more than a batch of ten chapters at a time from a single user. 

Message me for more details if you find yourself interested. I can also be contacted on discord at Ersa93#8595 if you wish to ping me there and discuss things. 

Happy writing, everyone! And keep an eye on this thread for possible future services. Thank you for your time.