Re: How can I encourage more discussion on my stories?

Not sure if this is the right place to post about this question, sorry if it isn't.

So I started posting my story on here a few days ago. It's been growing at a steady rate, no big numbers or anything, but I'm mostly happy that I'm actually growing. 

The big problem, however, is that I seem to have very little discussion. People will usually follow my story, but very few of them bother to actually comment or leave a review.

I'm just wondering, is there any real way to encourage people to comment more on my story?


Re: How can I encourage more discussion on my stories?

I have a pretty big secret hidden in my stories about the Sphere, and the readers will only learn the same hints as the characters in the stories, resulting i guessing discussions when I place one or more new hints.

That requires some planning ahead before writing the story, and you can't simply make the story up as you write - but it has caused several discussions about the hints already
You can check "The General Core" for that.

However, your biggest problem is that your story is not yet big enough. From what I learned around here, most stories have to get to 100 pages before people show increased interest in it. I handle it the same - if I see an interesting story/synopsis, I mark it for read-later but only read it when it has grown to a certain point or if I have a lot of free time.
And once a month or so I check through my "read later" collection and remove everything unread that is already in a 3-month-hiatus when shorter than 100 pages.

That is because too many stories don't get longer before the writer abandoning them, and I don't want to spent time on stories just to have them abandoned before they even start. And I suspect that a lot of other readers have similiar limits, exactly because there are so many new hobby-writers posting on RoyalRoad.

Re: How can I encourage more discussion on my stories?

One way that got me a lot of comments early in my story was to ask people for something they'd like to see.  In my case, it was an effect for a magical phenomena, but in yours it would be anything that matches to the world you're building.  Even just asking people if they agree or disagree with a character can spark comments.  Often times, people don't comment not because they don't like the story, but because they *do*.  They want to keep reading, they don't want to break off for discussion.  Giving them that spark, that writing prompt to talk about their ideas, can often get people not only engaging, but also thinking more about what they're reading.