Re: A call to Beta-Readers

Hello there, interested readers.
I am looking for beta-readers for the rewrite of the first few chapters of my fiction. What that exactly means and what I need from these people I will list below.

I am currently rewriting the first 23 chapters of Tatzelwyrm. For this purpose, I need beta-readers,
but the way they will be written does not necessitate that the readers read all the chapters. Instead I’ll rewrite them in two mini-books: “Childhood & Charity” and “Freedom & Folly”, the latter of which will do a broad reintroduction of all characters.

I need beta-readers to state their observation of what about the text works and what doesn’t. Both negative and positive feedback are important, so I can find my strengths and chip away at my weaknesses.
What I specifically need from the readers is:

  • Appropriateness of the language for the genre (adventure fantasy)

  • Cleanliness of sentence- and paragraph- structure

  • Degree of exposition (is it needless, organic, obtrusive, natural, etc.?)

  • Feel of character and their way of talking/interacting

  • Quality and conveyance of descriptions

I am not looking for mere proof-readers, but instead people who really look at the entire text and its qualities, not just spelling and grammar.
I am also not looking for editors. The most important thing is that recommendations or changes to the document are avoided, since this should serve me to find and strengthen my style, not adopt someone else’s. Advice and example are appreciated, but I don’t want someone else solving the problems for me.

If you’re interested, please answer to this thread or write me a PM directly.

I hope you can help me