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If you haven't read Worm, the very obvious suggestion is to read Worm. 

//edit- omg I see in one of your other posts that you say you're a middle schooler. in that case. maybe don't read Worm. it's more brutal than I can comfortably recommend to anyone under like age 16 or so. but this is the answer you're most likely to get from anyone, so I'm leaving it up for posterity, and so that this edit has context

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Worm is definitely a little too Grimdark, even I had a bit of trouble with some scenes, but Stewart92, the guy behind 'There is no epic loot here, only puns' did a couple of worm crossover fics over on spacebattles that keep to the 'superhero' world while being a lot more light hearted, I'd personally recommend Digi-crest of escalation (140K), or A skittering Heart (>500K) myself, neither are finished yet but they're both pretty solid reads. (They're still about PG-13 though.) Some of RavensDagger's stories also do the same thing with worm, though a fair number of theirs require a little more background knowledge.

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I've got a small amount of recommendations. I'm excluding others that I read also because of their nature or quality. This might end up being a short-ish list.

The Game of the Gods, by Prince Corwin. Largely YA, tangentially a superhero fic, but it's also System Apocalypse. It read similarly as a superhero fic as far as my own opinion. This one is a bit humourous. There are still dark themes though,  it there is some distance between their actuality and your experience of the, as a reader.

Modern Age Online, by Zrail. One of the most fitting for a superhero fiction I have. It might even be the least dark story on my list. Relatively... It's a "Inside a computer game" story though, so the superhero part is affected by that perspective.

Illusion/Core, by rewashington. It's YA, the entire genre has a tendency towards dark themes. It's not too bad so far but it might get darker.

The Oscillation, by Scott Edwards. I'm recommending the (Clean) version here. It is dark, quite dark sometimes, it's more tolerable without as much harsh language. Do what you will. It's mostly superhero fic, it it's a bit mixed as far as genre goes.

Fifth Dimension, by sushiaddict. Not really a superhero fic, but it has a bit of the same feel. I'm mostly recommending this one because I ran out of ideas. There are other superhero stories on RR, but I either don't read them personally or I don't feel like they are worth recommending.

That's the end of the list. Pretty short as they go, and a few of the books are iffy on the updates. I'm not reading a lot of superhero fiction at the moment so this is all that I've got. Have at it.

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First of off, Graven is a medium-sized, complete superhero serial that is quite good and worth reading. Then, you should check out AKA as well.

Also, it wouldn't be a world if I didn't recommend my own story, ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture, which is listed on Top Web Fiction as a superhero story. It doesn't have any capes or teams or whatever but it does have a superpowered loser solving crimes and fighting villains.