Re: Comments not Visible on Mobile


Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I am reading on my android smartphone and all of a sudden the comments are not loading.  

There is the line saying how many comments, then the text box for your own comment but below that it just skips to the credits at the bottom of all webpages. 

I have tried refreshing my login, cleaning my RAM and restarting my phone but none of that seems to work, leading me to believe this is an internal Royalroad thing.  As of yesterday the comments were still visible, so it seems to be a recent problem.

If anyone is having the same issue, please reply here to bring light to the situation, or if I'm the only one with the issue I will keep trying to fix it.


Re: Comments not Visible on Mobile

Okay, this is because of a new update to how comments are loaded, that update is mainly aimed at mobile users so they need less data to load a page.
First, are you using any kind of adblocker? Some of them are known to block the comments from loading in the first place.
Second, it could be your browser is out of date, try updating it. If it is something else, then i dont know.