Re: too much romance on a litrpg?

Hi y'all! SPADESBLAS here! 

I'm just wandering if romance is a bad match for a litrpg story. 

I myself like a nice, funny, intimate relationships between the main characters. 

My story Right now is romance heavy? (Is that a thing?) Anyways, any thoughts? suggestions? Violent reactions? If any please reply to the thread! It will greatly help me and my story!

Ps. NOT the sad romance Kind (I write Gamelit litrpg isekai with a (heavy) dash of romcom.

The titles of the two recent chapters are:

10th Chapter: With great ass comes great responsibility. 

11th Chapter: Hay and Prostitutes.

(This kind of romance..? This is romance i assure you.)

Pps. My story title is -- Adventured Away --

Ppps. I like postal scripts.