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There's a kid in afghanistan named Donald Trump and some surname. His name is Donald Trump, and he lives on afghanistan. Guess who is gonna be having an accident in the near future? Coz I don't see how naming a baby after an enemy countries leader is a good idea. Thank god I live in Europe, even if I'm not living in the European Union

Re: Thread 2: electric boogaloo

jonfazliu Wrote: Or alternatively,

Kill sheep. Kill it twice for good measure.

Butcher sheep.

Cook sheep.

Eat sheep.

Take a bath.

Go to bed.

You should use a rabbit as a replacement for the sheep.  They are much easier to butcher.  You just have to split it between the back legs and cut off the feet, then the skin pulls off like a tube. Then you cut open the belly (carefully letting the guts fall on to your hand) then very carefully cut the guts out, making sure not to burst the poop line, then all that's left is to cut off the head to let what little blood rabbits have to drain out. (That's more or less it. I might have missed something due to how long its been since I did that, but I'm pretty sure that's everything. Albeit a little simplified instructions)

Edit: I don't feel like restructuring my paragraph, but the head needs to be off to get the skin off.
Also, the best way to kill a rabbit is to wedge its head between two metal bars and yank hard, snapping its neck. (sometimes blood squirts out of their noses when you do this)
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