Re: A Discovery About Human Nature

I have read many stories where the protagonist or antagonist's sole motivation is to end another race. Something happened to them in the past that made them want to end the whole race of the one responsible for it. Although I understood where they came from, I never found myself sympathising with them. 

I mean, if someone did something bad to you, it makes sense to go after them; why would you want to go after their entire race? You wouldn't think of doing that if it was a human who did something, would you? Most of the time you'd leave it to the police, and if you have a reason why you don't want to, you'd only go after your enemy, not the entire race. 

Well, My computer broke down for the second time in a year. It broke down once in November; although I can't complain about that, since my motherboard was seven years old. But I was pretty upset. I had just started taking writing seriously, and it put a halt to that. Phone and notebooks couldn't give me the drive to write. It's only recently, after spending A lot, I was able to get my computer going again. I was getting into the groove too. 

But yesterday when I tried to open my PC, it refused to boot. It was OK the previous night though so i didn't know what happened. The warranty period had also passed. I took it to the local service center. They told me I might have to discard the whole harddrive, where, like a fool, l had kept all my writing. 

And so I found out I too had the desire to end an entire race. The race which was responsible for the malfunction of my hard-drive. The race of ants!