Re: Good sources for fantasy book covers?

you don't need a book cover designer, you need an artist first - especially for fantasy.

Yes, book cover designer work by using stock photos and arranging them to fit a book - but as you found out yourself, that only works on books with contemporary or historical themes.

For SF and Fantasy you need an artist to create a picture that fits instead of arranging photos of real people or objects. Just go into your local library and compare how the covers of the different genres are also different.

That said, if you need an artist a lot depends on your budget. If you don't want to hire one of the top professionals I suggest you go to websites like
Those have a mix of professionals, art students, hobby artists and even untalented children placing portfolios of their work, and a lot of them offer commissions in various price ranges. You can get good prices there (I usually had to pay less than 50$ for one picture, although it takes some searching to find artists who offer that price range with reasonable quality because it is at the lower end, but all I can afford)