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I'm in the progress of creating a book and I need some help with the system of magic as some of the people who've read so far have said theres no set advancement.

The current attributes my book uses are as follows.

  • Strength

  • Dexterity

  • Constitution

  • Intelligence

  • Wisdom

  • Willpower

Those were just made without any type of system in mind, so any help would be appreciated. Here's how each of the attributes work.

Strength is what the definition of the word is Strength directly ties with the Force of anything you do. If you attempt to punch someone with low strength it'll obviously do lower damage. The higher strength you have the more force you can have behind your attacks or any type of action.  

Dexterity - Dexterity is the control you have over your body at any given time. If you get sneak attacked and know an arrow or a sharp projectile is coming towards you but your dexterity is low you won't be able to move. You can know something is coming but will your body be able to move in time to accommodate what you are thinking? That is what Dexterity is for.      

Constitution - This directly ties with any type of injury you get. If you have a low constitution and take a certain type of attack that type of attack will stun/puncture and/or kill you. A higher constitution is more suited for taking the punishment of different powers. 

Intelligence - Intelligence directly ties into how quickly you can think and how quick you can piece different things together. In certain worlds, Intelligence and Willpower are directly tied to using that certain worlds magic system in which power level will vary depending on where you are and what levels your Intelligence and/or Willpower are at in that time. 

Wisdom - Intelligence without Wisdom is useless. Wisdom is what gives you insight into different things. Wisdom is what tells you when you should and shouldn't do something. If you have the intelligence to make an outstanding plan but lack to wisdom to have a backup plan and/or include different questionable variable it makes your intelligence useless in practical terms.

Willpower - Willpower is related to how determined you are to do something. If you have low willpower and you want to do something you are more likely to lose interest or not be able to do it. Higher willpower means you can do things that other people with lower Willpower will consider too hard to do and people with Higher willpower will be able to do it. Willpower also ties in with the ability to go through wounds with higher resistance to them. Willpower helps with many different things.

Help would be appreciated.

If anyone so far hasn't gotton what I'm asking for, I'm asking for someone to help with a set amount someone would get for doing a certain excericse and a possible get someone to help with the system in fact of when people fight with status it isn't just the stats but other things coming into play.

I currently also have an actual royalroad table template but if you think you have one which I can branch off on please, suggest it.

Re: Magical System

There are a variety of ways to interpret this and to be fair, many fail in making a system or lit rpg style work effectively.
Including the person speaking, no wait that's probably due to my grammar and spelling fails as well.
Should not take too much stock of what I say, unless it  gives you some ideas.

I think about things like as If there was a game in progress.
Games though they need something extra and what that requires depends on your world.
Many good system type setting tend to use things that hark back to pen and paper gaming
Good old how to be a dungeon master stuff. There were a lot of ideas that can be harvested from many a GM playbook .
I can also suggest just nabbing things from modern MMOs or rpgs that can be recycled and rehashed into your world.
Example there is a triangle where Ranger beats Mage who beats Swordsman who kicks snot out of Rangers sort of thing.

I've spent way more time then I should have on this have a great day and thanks for reading this post.

Re: Magical System

If you are doing a lvling sytem and attribute system you should assign everything in order in notepad so you can go back while writing for references.

enemy has 5 defense and 100 hp
1 defense = 2 damaged blocked or non-amount of damage

you have 5 strength + weapon deals 10 damage
1 strength = 2 damage

when you hit your enemy
5 x 2 + 10 = 20 damage to enemy but enemy has 5 defense which = -10 damage so no enemy has 90 hp

start at level 0

0 to lvl 1 = 100 xp + 5 atributes
1 to lvl 2 = 250 xp + 5 atributes

basically mathmatically keep up with your MC and his stats + gear and the gears stats during the story and each enemy should also have their own lvl and stats