Re: changing color of a table

Once you create a table using the "Table" Icon on your "Chapter Content" of your draft, just highlight the table and several options will become available to you, such as "Table properties," "Delete Table," Insert Row," "Delete Row," "Inset Column," and "Delete Column."

Click "Table Properties," and a new screen will pop out with 2 tabs: "General," and "Advance." Click the tab "Advance." Under the tab, will be the option "Background color" and choose the color that you want.

You can also change the font and text color of your words inside the table by simply highlighting them and then clicking the icons "Font sizes," and "Text Color."

Re: changing color of a table

for basic changes, the method listed above is enough.

unfortunately there are two problems with it:
1) some of its functions like the border color no longer work, because that attribute has been phased out of the browsers and its replacement is not available here.
2) for more complex tables mixing different background colors etc. is extremely difficult to enter the data and keep it consistent.

the second part can only be solved by accessing HTML-code directly, and unless you are extremely proficient in writing HTML-code that is usually even more tedious.
Which is why I wrote an excel table for myself to create the code snippets I only need to copy&paste into the HTML-Code.

I made one of my tables with instructions on how to use it available here:

Re: changing color of a table

Other people have already explained what to do. I just what to vent.

GODDAMN are tables a pain in the ass.

I did a "journal" chapter a while back where about half of it was written inside tables so I could use different fonts and text colors. It took me hours of fighting with RR's software to get it to look decent in both Light and Dark modes. It took a while, but I was pretty happy with what I made.

Then I got feedback from colorblind and vision impaired people that said it was physically hard for them to read.

So I spent another hour adjusting the font and table colors for maximum legibility.

I think my biggest problem came from the fact that RR's text editor couldn't tell the difference between "text that is specifically told to be black" and "text that is black by default." I wanted the font to always be black, but I wasn't able to do it. I had to look up the hex code for "mostly black" and use that instead.

It was frustrating.

Worth it, (since now I can just copy/paste the settings,) but frustrating.

Re: changing color of a table

I've done a few tables now and they can be a pain.

I set up a spreadsheet and have it inject what I want into the HTML content to form it.
That way I just change what I want in the spreadsheet and then just copy out the block of code to go insert into wherever I have a [table] that I use Ctrl+F to find.

To answer your question, from my experience you'd need the following:

<table style="border-collapse: collapse; width: __%; height: 480px; background-color: black; border: 1px solid #FFD700">

You can google "gold hex" to get various gold hex codes to toss up where I have the border.

The only bad thing was that I found I needed to hard code the font color gold per TD

<td style="width: 3%; border: none !important;">&nbsp;</td>
<td style="width: ___%; color: #FFD700; border: none !important;"><strong>_____LOREM IPSUM_____</strong></td>
<td style="width: ___%; color: #FFD700; border: none !important;"><strong>_____LOREM IPSUM_____</strong></td>
<td style="width: 3%; border: none !important;">&nbsp;</td>

I get them all out to a single line so that would be a "row" in my excel file.

I found to have a td at the beginning and end to add some padding. The widths and color is what you need to change
That should give you your black background with gold lettering. I've disabled the interior box borders, just remove those and you ought to have what you are looking for.

Hope that helps