Re: Someone help me about reviews?

sometimes this happens without any fault to the author. You need to remember that you can't please everyone.

A synopsis is usually written to draw in attention, but it cannot tell the story. So a lot of people start reading it, and only after several chapters they can decide if they want to continue or not. I myself have dropped quite a number of stories after I followed them for ten chapters or so.

There are many possible reasons for dropping - beginning with the possibility that the reader understood the synopsis wrong and that the story went in a different direction than he wanted to read. That is something that you as the writer have absolutely no influence on, because 1) you can't read your readers mind and 2) if you even start thinking to write the story direction by vote, that will almost always go down the crapper because it needs an extremely experienced writer to pull that off.

There are reasons that could put off readers and that are in your area of effect - but those reasons you usually know. Like if you have bad grammar, you'll know that and you can solve it with a beta-reader.
Or if you have suddenly decided to turn the story around into a completely different direction because you don't like where it went before. Expect readers to drop if you do that, and really? In my opinion it's better to start a new story than to brainwash or amnesiac the MC to be able to give him a different behaviour without loosing the first dozen chapters. Because you'll often destroy both stories if you try that, as some people here have already learned.

Other reasons you can't change without more experience. That are things like a bad writing style, or bad story detail design or inconsistent description or things like that.
If you think people leave for quality reasons, then the only thing you can try is to get better by writing more. There is no shortcut to experience, you only get that by reading and writing. Just make sure that you judge and compare your own quality, otherwise you end up as someone with several thousand pages of monotone writing that almost no one is interested in.

And before you ask: I didn't even go to the synopsis of your stories and have no idea what they're about, so nothing here is specifically targeted at your stories.
I just wrote this based on my own experience on why I dropped stories and what I read here on RoyalRoad.
And as I said at the beginning - don't take a leaving reader personally. There are several stories currently in trending that I followed for a while before marking them as "not interested" because I have absolutely no interest in following them further.
They wouldn't have gotten into trending if they were bad, they just got that tag because I'm not interested in them and want to prevent myself from actually reading them again after having forgotten the title. One of them I even followed for length before I decided the story had turned into a different direction than the original synopsis and dropped it.