Re: Help finding other websites to read on

Royal Road has treated me well, exceptionally so. However, I find myself unsatisfied the more I stay in this website due to the reason that I have pretty high standards. Sure, I get a steady stream of worthwhile stories, but I read all the good stories in the past year or so. Since I'm just a middle schooler with next to no funds, I would like the community's knowledge of free websites to read on.

I've read on RR, FictionPress,, AO3, Webnovel, and even on Wattpad. A website akin to RR or an author's website would be preferable. 

Re: Help finding other websites to read on

I actually came from before RR. I recommend that site; however, not all of the stories are completely free to read. A certain number of chapters (which differs in amount from story to story) are free to read before becoming premium chapters that needed to unlocked using Spirit Stones (SS). You get SS daily through easy missions. and honestly it's not that hard to stock up because the amount of novels available is huge, so you can always read plenty of free chapters before premium on various other novels.

BUT, I'm only speaking of the contracted novels. Original novels (which are basically the same ones you see on RR or other writing sites published by authors rather than a book company) which aren’t contracted are completely free to read. And there are quite a few which have hundreds of chapters free to read. But because the contract system is in place to support authors monetarily, many successful Original stories opt in. That also means that you won’t find those stories any where else iirc according to the contract.

It’s also has an app as well as a browser version like RR. The reading experience on the app is very good too. I’ve been able to read plenty on the site without having to spend any money on micro-transactions (the SS). Although I did pay for membership (free reading of all novels including premium chapters) back when Webnovel had it in place for a short spell.

In short, it’s quite a bit different from the free publishing and writing website you might be used to, but it has plenty of content. But just like how Litrpg is popular on RR and romance on Wattpad, cultivation, system (games or level up like stuff), and CEO romances are popular on Webnovel.