HI friends...

This question is about the above story title in the heading. 

I'm currently at Chapter 64. In Chapter 64 it says the MC writes a story about himself, and his future. In the future his future self rescues the princess but is wounded by the enemy etc....and when the princess wakes up she says how ugly he is. 

It literally states; "
“The current you looks so awful… You’re even uglier than when you were hiding in your home. Nevertheless, I still feel like the current you—just like this—you’re… the handsomest boy I’ve ever seen!”

The story ended at that sentence."

Is this one of those stories where the author flips the readers all off at the end and takes away the good ending, or takes away their powers? Because I don't want to waste my time if this story has a tragedy flag at the end. Please advise if this is worth finishing or not, and if this will be a problem. A lot of Asian stories end up with tragedy flags also, so I'd like to know up front of this will happen. 

Thank you.