Re: Could someone give me some feedback / review for my story? (Fantasy / Adventure)

Hello, I was hoping I could get somebody to review my newest story, 'Demon of the twelve' 

Mostly I would like some feedback on the actual structure of the text, I don't read much and I've had to go off Youtube and random forum posts to put together the actual formatting of the text.

I would also like to hear some opinions on the chapter in the sense of are the descriptions too long, is there not enough action, I understand that a tag a vague as fantasy/adventure can, in theory, succeed with little to no action or copious battles, so I guess I'm just asking, did it keep your attention throughout the reading experience?

Mostly I am concerned due to the fact that these are the longest chapters I've ever published, I managed to reach the 3K mark reliably for every chapter so far :D
Again thank you for your time. :)