Re: Looking to practice making free book cover layout

Hey, I'm looking to freelance as book layout designer. I'm willing to layout anyone's book cover free of charge. I can do simple digital art, but I am mostly going to be using free stock images and fonts unless you have a specific image you want to use. If you're interested, I need the name of the book, your name, back cover blurb (which I'd be willing to edit), and publisher (if any), as well as any reviews that you may want on it. Also tell me the dimensions of what you want the book to be (e.g. 6x9in 5.5x8.5in, 5x8in, etc.), as well as approximately how many pages it'll end up being (at those dimensions if possible. It's for spine calculations). I'm looking to do the whole cover including spine and back, but I can easily also send you just the front. It'll be a pdf unless stated otherwise.

I can also do the whole book layout if you want, but it'd cost money since it takes a while to do.