Re: Discord is down, am bored, lets talk.

So yeah, how was your day? What are you writing? What are you reading? Is it also stupidly hot where you live at the moment? Cool artwork you've seen around or just anything you want to talk about?

Currently reading nothing, but found a cool fiction that looks promising. It's hot here, 32C in the Netherlands, and currently in class "Learning" about database performance. Lifes good I suppose.

Re: Discord is down, am bored, lets talk.

Eh. Day was good. I suppose. I'm writing what's in my signature. I was reading Hellsing. Finally got around to it. No it's not stupidly hot where I am, though for me anything higher than like 5 degrees celsius is nasty. Life's...same as usual?

I been thinking about the games on the play store. And I have to say, it's a lot like the light novels. Too many copies of the same concept, with gems being hard to find. As well, I was procrastinating on a bunch of stuff. Like writing. Right now. Yep. Same as usual. 

Re: Discord is down, am bored, lets talk.

I haven’t started reading anything new in the last while, but I started watching the GDC talks on youTube, and they remind me a lot of TED talks in how they come up with interesting stuff every now and them, just for games and with hour long videos.

Started writing again. More to just write than to make something really good, otherwise I get bogged down in trying to hard. Got me writing more but the story’s very slow paced and stuff.

As for the weather, it’s pretty cold. Not COLD cold but we don’t use indoor heating here, so it FEELS cold. Very cold.