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So I was writing a few reviews for some of the stories I follow tonight, and realized that two of my favorite stories in my list were little hidden gems with low follower counts.  I thought it would be nice to see if anyone else had anything similar.

If you have a hidden gem or two in your bookmarks that you love and would like to share, post it below, and what you love about it.  I'll add your recommendations to the top post, so these stories can find more readers!


  • No Self-Promotion (myself included, I removed my signature)

  • Stories with less than 500 followers

  • Active stories only

Recommended by JP Koenig:

  • Highborn (The Stormforth Chronicles) by Jordan Stufflebeam - This is a classic fantasy story with some fresh ideas that breath some new life into the genre.  Few issues, lots of great writing.

  • Superhuman Princess by Iori Angel - This is a fantasy/superhero mashup full of unique characters and new takes on both genres.  It has flaws, but is a diamond in the rough.  Currently my favorite hidden gem.

Recommended by Javert:

  • Oath of Oblivion by The Mad King (fantasy, gets pretty dark, but the author really knows how to tell a story)

  • The Solstice War by Madiha (fantasy take on WWII, massive cast, really well written)

  • Historia Online by Foxatal (historical LitRPG with an unusual setting that I haven't seen before) 

Recommended by Zethuron:

  • Endless Stars by Snuggle Squiggle : A literary xeno-fantasy, with a very well constructed world and characters, slow paced. 

  • Battle is an Art by Thomas Loud : A very unique story with great action scenes, written with detail. 

Zethuron also had a few completed recommendations
Recommended by Thedude3445:
Endless Stars by Snuggle Squiggle (Duplicate, this is a second recommendation for same story)


So let's see what you've got, I'm looking for some more great stories to read!

Re: Hidden Gems

I can add a LOT to this, also can we submit completed stories to this?
Its fair that stories on hiatus get left out, since the disappointment of reading a hidden gem thats on hiatus is just massive.

  • Endless Stars by Snuggle Squiggle : A literary xeno-fantasy, with a very well constructed world and characters, slow paced.

  • Battle is an Art by Thomas Loud : A very unique story with great action scenes, written with detail.

  • Yora Chronicles  by Phyantasm : High-Fantasy from the viewpoint of two characters, very good worldbuiling

Yora Chronicles may be debatable, since its listed as being on hiatus currently, but the author is planning to post more updates, also it has under 500 followers (480 to be exact), yet is in top 100 of best rated.

Im also adding a completed stories section, just so if you decide to also allow completed stories, that they can be added

  • Cold Steel Dig by DragonOfRochester : An different sort of LitRPG, not the usual kind

  • High Crew by SourCream : Viking adventures in a dark Fantasy world.

  • Chosen Shackles by Shaeor : Cyberpunk dystopian setting, gets weird at times.

Dont get fooled by the hiatus tag, the story is complete

  • Dirge by Shaeor : This one im not even sure of, seriously good but confusing.

All of those i listed, i consider to be a hidden gem.
Though i wonder, the active requirement is going to be a bit tricky.

Also, im certainly going to read those you guys posted some time.

Re: Hidden Gems

#7 The Void Wolf is considered very dark but a great story of you enjoy that genre. technically on hiatus bout is two in one and the third is working on it but great story of second chances. another sorta morbid but not really dark story. In fact this author Monad is great and had so few followers. I've always loved ones combining fantasy and sci-fi. 

And that's all (for now) that I can think of that for the requirements although some are completed or on hiatus. 

Re: Hidden Gems

The Legion of Nothing, by Jim Zoetewey. High school and college-aged superheroes learning the business, taking over from their grandparents. Very well written. Focuses a lot on daily life, and how being a superhero interferes with daily life. I usually read the story on the author's website, but it's posted here, too, and it has fewer than 500 followers here, so I think it meets the rules to be listed.

EDIT: I didn't realize how old this thread was when I posted.