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Cimmerian Wrote: I note your opinion above that Kindle Unlimited would not be your suggested route for an author.  Full disclosure, I have and use a KU account because I read a metric @#$%-load daily and it saves me major money.  That said, I pay Amazon monthly for that subscription.  I was under the impression that authors were listing their books there to get exposure (e.g. not all of their stories would be KU stories) and that a decent part of my monthly payments was being passed along to the authors whose stories I was reading.

Am I mistaken?  What kind of revenue can an author of a decently written story get from KU if their story is downloaded (and presumably read) 10,000 times, 100,000 times, etc.?

It's a bit under 1/2 cent per page read, although the exact amount changes monthly.  So 200 page novel(s)  read a total of 10k times would be somewhere around $9,000. 

Since it can build up to  a not insignificant amount of cash, it unsurprisingly lead to an  ecosystem of scam artists gaming the system.  Customers and actual authors complained. So Amazon took measures to fix it.

Between bad algorithms, and employees abusing their power by targeting authors they had a grudge against (allegedly), quite a few popular authors found themselves with closed accounts. Last I read even paying for advertising, other than from Amazon of course, was being used as justification.

I don't generally recommend authors doing it either.  Doing it with a web novel that you'll have to pull down, especially one that's making you any money, just seems really misguided. 

Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

I will second, Lone is *NOT* a talentless hack.  

Honestly, I have a used clunky laptop (8 years old... it is slow and old, but can get WiFi) that I keep as my emergency backup computer in case my desktop catastrophically melts down; I was trying to figure out how to cheaply ship to a promising young author in Scotland several months ago.  But, it was outside my ability to send (over $100, a secondhand computer might not be more expensive).  I don't have lots of cashflow anymore (KU, internet, and Hulu constitute my family's entire entertainment budget, #kidsareexpensive, but I have some pre-kid "toys" purchased with money that I should have kept in a bank account.

Regarding the $1200/month income.  If you can make money writing, from anywhere, that money can be stretched a LOOOOOONG way in some countries.  Again, back in the pre-kids, travel in Central America, days, I would probably be able to stretch that money into rent, utilities, meals, and have a bit left over for cheap clothing, etc.  If you could DOUBLE that amount via multiple stories, you could live pretty comfortably.

Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career


flriley Wrote: My rank and trending seem to be heavily affected by reviews.  Any time I get a review both go up dramatically.  Do you know why this seems to be weighed so much more than followers?

Followers do not affect any ranking lists whatsoever, only reviews and ratings do. Popular This Week is the only exception which needs views to rank highly.

As for why it's like that, it's because reviews are a better show of genuine interest in a novel since it takes a bit of effort to review a fiction. As a side note, a review is worth more than a rating, and an advanced review is worth more than a normal review, that's all as far as the rankings go.
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