Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

Hi everyone! I have recently decided that I want to be an artist and not just any ol' illustrator. I want to be a webcomic artist! I have a long ways to go, but all I can do is practice and study till I get there. In the mean time, I want to share these doodles with you all.

P.S. I would have gone straight to DeviantArt with these, but I'm having trouble of thinking of a pen name. I want to create a pen name out of people that have been influential to me kind of like Frank Ocean and Marilyn Manson. Although I think Marilyn Manson choose those names arbitrarily. Anywho, back to my dooddles!

I call this one "Two heads are better than one, sometimes..."


"Egg Extermination"

Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

So I've started learning how to add textures to my brushes and it turned out to be a lot harder than I initially thought. Turns out that the path to becoming an art hero is marked with evenings of insanity.

The goal was to turn this photo of my office chair into my own custom texture

Its hard to tell with the covers of paint, but once I figured out how to extract lines from the image, the issue was getting it to be seamless. Its coming along I suppose. I call it brush madness because texture madness just doesn't have that phonetic ring to it.

Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but the main challenge with photos is that the lighting gets in the way of anything you want to do with it (unless you want that effect).

A long time ago I wrote a program to help with this. It balances brightness per-area to preserve detail. Note that this is only part of the process:
1. take a photo in as neutral lighting as possible
2. normalise brightness
3. normalise saturation
Then you have a texture you can effectively use. 

Here's a folder with the program, and the normalised image.
(edit - The program requires microsoft XNA runtime 4)

If you find it useful, I might hack it up as a gimp plugin and apply the saturation adjustment as well.

Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

Settler you saved me who knows how many more hours my stubbornness would've had me playing around with that image. The issue was exactly what you said the lighting in the image. So once the harsh light was gone (Btw the light source was a book light that I had placed directly in front because some tutorials recommended a well light photo and I took that to mean it needed a spotlight shinning on it T-T) I finally got that texture to work and ended up not liking it, but it was a major breakthrough in learning how to make them anyways! Probably took about 8-10 hours figuring out how to make this single brush and there are many, many failed products I need to delete.

Anyways, my new brush! I used a picture of the canvas side of my strop.

And finally a quick sketch as I took my new brush for a test drive. Its much different from the defaults I've been using so it'll take some getting used to.

I'm still messing with the settings of the texture not sure whether it should more visible or fainter. Either way im extremely pleased with how it came out and im excited to actually make a detailed painting with it.

Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

Nice :)

I like the sort of painting-on-canvas effect it gives. I haven't messed with brushes but now you've given me a reason to try.

Also, nice to see my old code is useful lol. Back in the day I spent way too long getting that to work without making weird artefacts, but didn't find it all that useful because most textures are easy to find for free or cheap. At least, 2k textures are.

Hmm... makes me think though. I could split the final image out into lighting as well, which would be useful with what I was doing. 

Edit: attempted to apply lighting and saturation. Saturation didn't work (should've known any simple approximation wouldn't work). I did export the lighting picture, but it turned out to be of little use (and a bit bugged, it clips out a big chunk of the dark section). Perhaps slightly better than desaturating and blurring, so I dropped it in the folder and updated the binary.